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Research Associates

Robert Allison
Associate Professor in Computer Science & Engineering
Chloë Brushwood-Rose
Associate Professor in Education
Darcey Callison
Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Program in Dance (MFA)
Marc Couroux
Assistant Professor in Visual Arts
Pina D'Agostino
Associate Professor, IP Osgoode
Gwen Dobie
Associate Professor in Theatre
James Elder
Professor in Psychology
Mary Fogarty
Assistant Professor in Dance
Sandra Gabriele
Associate Professor in Design
Sharon Hayashi
Associate Professor in Cinema and Media Studies
Shelley Hornstein
Professor of Architectural History & Visual Culture
Anna Hudson
Associate Professor, Department of Visual Art & Art History, Full Time
Associate Dean, Students, Recruitment, Alumni Faculty of Fine Arts
Edward Jones-Imhotep
Associate Professor in Natural Science/Science & Technology Studies Program
Wojtek Janczak
Associate Professor in Design
Janet Jones
Associate Professor in Visual Arts
Jennifer Jenson
Associate Professor in Education
Brenda Longfellow
Associate Professor in Film Production
William Mackwood
Assistant Professor in Dance
James McKernan
Assistant Professor in Theatre
Natasha Myers
Associate Professor in Anthropology/Science & Technology Studies Program
Angela Norwood
Associate Professor and Chair, Design
Sarah Parsons
Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Program in Art History and Visual Culture
Marlis Schweitzer
Associate Professor in Theatre Studies
Laurie Wilcox
Professor in Psychology


Melissa Shiff is a digital media artist whose current work utilizes augmented reality to engage with Jewish cultural memory. Shiff’s highly acclaimed projects have been exhibited internationally at such institutions as The Jewish Museum New York, The Jewish Museum in Prague, The Contemporary Jewish Museum San Francisco, and The Israeli Center for Digital Art.
Shiff served as an Adjunct Professor at The Centre for Jewish Studies (University of Toronto) from 2008-2011. From 2011-2014 Shiff was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at the University of Toronto in recognition of her innovative research on the collaborative augmented reality project Mapping Ararat: An Imaginary Jewish Homelands Project for which she served as the primary investigator. This digital art and humanities project was awarded an Insight Development grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The film Mapping Ararat: GPS that documents the augmented reality walking tour has been featured at international conferences including HASTAC, ACLA, and AJS as well as at such academic institutions as the Harvard University Humanities Center and at the Columbia University Seminar Series in Cultural Memory.
In fall 2014, Shiff was appointed as a Research Associate at the Sensorium. In April 2015, she was awarded a SSHRC Research/Creation Insight Grant to take Imaginary Jewish Homelands global. Shiff and her team will be creating augmented reality walking tours in Port Davey, Tasmania; Kimberley, Western Australia; and the Saramacca district of Suriname.


Aleksandra Kaminska
Research Associate
personal website

Aleksandra Kaminska is a Research Associate at Sensorium, where she is on a team developing a network of audio-visual archives across Canada. She is also a Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellow at Simon Fraser University, where she is investigating emerging nano-media technologies in digital media, the arts and creative communities. As part of this project she is producing a GRAND NCE Media Artist and Science Collaboration and developing research and applications for NanoMedia Solutions.
Dr. Kaminska’s research explores interdisciplinary inquiry and collaboration between media scholars, artists and scientists, and engages with media materialities, aesthetics, ecologies, and infrastructures. She also develops research and projects at the intersection of media theory, art and civic culture. Her first book, Polish Media Art in an Expanded Field is forthcoming from Intellect Press. She is also the Managing Editor of PUBLIC Journal: Art Culture Ideas.